Best Nerf Guns under 20$

I think it is about time, I wrote a post about recommendations. I have received a lot of messages, asking about the guns which I use and the ones which I recommend.

So today I will share my list of the best Nerf guns under 20$.

  1. Maveric Rev-6

It is the younger brother of one of the classic and most loved Nerf gun the Maveric. But it has all the functionality of its older brother, it has fixed few issues and it is in line with the Elite Series. It has a rotating barrel which is quite accurate. It doesn’t jam or lag. It also looks cool and is easy to reload. You can fire six darts i.e. the barrel can hold 6 darts. Just pull the trigger to fire.

  1. Nerf Elite Strongarm

Another bestselling Nerf blaster which ranks high both on looks and functionality. One of the impressive feature about this gun, is its range which can reach a distance more than 70 feet. To reload you just need to flip the cylinder. It also has a slam fire feature. Which means you just need to hold the trigger and it fires continuously. And by the way, it holds 6 darts at a time.

  1. Nerf N-Strike Jolt

It is a very small blaster which comes at a retail price of around 5$. It fires just 2 darts, but its design replicates a mini pistol. It can fire up to 40 feet which is quite impressive for its size. It is also fairly accurate. Since they are just two bullets you won’t experience any jamming issues. It is a nice Nerf Gun which I sometimes like to refer as “Cute”.

  1. Nerf N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3

This is convertible i.e. a wii blaster which can be used as dart blaster also. You can play with it on the Wii and fire with it in the actual world. This is an interesting combination if you ask me. It comes with 3 darts and can fire up to 30 feet. The range is not that great. Also there are a lot of jamming issues you may experience. Buy this only if you love playing on gaming consoles.

  1. Nerf Rebelle

It is one of the guns which was designed for girls. Gone are the days when girls used to play with dolls and kitchen sets, they can now handle guns. The gun comes with 5 darts which fire an impressive distance of 35 feet. The USP of this gun is its design and Hasbro did a good job in that respect. My little sister loves this.

  1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

This is an interesting gun which has a laser aim. You can fire three darts. You would need AA batteries to operate this. The triangular design might cause problems for few. Next you can also face few issues with the laser after few months use. But the range is quite impressive, I managed to hit 75 feet at an incline. It is a good gun to have below 20$.


These are my top recommendations. If you are looking for the first Nerf gun for your kid this list might be of big help.


Nerf Gun Accessories

Hey Folks,

Today I am going to share the various accessories you can buy with Nerf Guns. IF you are a fan of Nerf Guns or use them quite often it is recommended that you get these accessories.

So, without further ado let’s get to top Nerf Gun Accessories you need.

  1. Nerf Gun Bullets
    This is the obvious choice. Nerf bullets are the most bought accessories. The bullets which come with the gun are usually less in no. Most elite range guns come with 15-30 bullets. Since they are made with foam they usually lose their quality. Apart from that if you go to Nerf Battles, you are better off with bullets. But what kind of bullets should you buy. Well, firstly you need to buy the bullets which are compatible with your guns. If you are using which were manufactures before 2011 you need to use older darts, but if you are using Elite Series guns, you simply need to buy the elite darts. They are compatible with every gun in the series and even with the Zombie Strike Series. The Next question arises, how many? This is more of a personal choice and depends on your needs & how many guns you own. I usually recommend expansion packs of 200. With this you are secured for the future also.
  2. Nerf Blast Shields
    This is more of a fashion thing. I never really thought that this would work but when I tried them, I was quite happy. They take you close to the combat feel. They come in bright colours and have decent functionality like you can store few extra bullets. Anyway this is only recommended if you are huge fan of Nerf Guns.
  3. Stocks

These are the small extensions which are attached at the end of the gun. They don’t work for miniature guns. They are added to have few extra bullets but they can serve other purposes also. Some guns come with the stock like the demolisher 2 in 1. They also add to the grip, but can be difficult to handle.

  1. Tactical Scopes
    They are basically scopes without magnification power, that help you to aim better at the target. Since you don’t need to shoot far away targets with Nerf Guns, you don’t really need magnifying scopes. These just help you to concentrate on the target better. The accuracy of your gun also matters. If your gun doesn’t shoot straight normally, it is isn’t going to do that even after the scope. It is highly recommended if you go for Nerf Battles.
  2. Barrel Extension
    They are added in front of your gun. They act as a secondary barrel. They increase the accuracy of the shot. However they have a downside, they reduce the range of your bullets. They are recommended only with guns which have erratic accuracy.

That’s about it. These are the top accessories you can buy. They are few others but they are not that prominent. So if you have any question about these or want to know some recommendations feel free to ask.


How to modify your Nerf gun?

Last time I shared what are Nerf Guns and why I like them. Now if you own a Nerf gun, Chance are you might want to how to modify Nerf guns, or want some information about it. Here I have the Ultimate Guide about modifying Nerf Guns.

What is the need?

But first the questions arises, why do you need to modify guns. They are primarily done to increase the range of your blaster. Most guns, fall short of their range claims. This leads to a lot of frustration among users. Dart range is one of the primary criterion before buying a gun. So some kids intend to get maximum from their blasters.

This can be done by changing some of the design of the blaster. A lot of guns have few design flaws, which reduce the range. Altering them can increase the efficiency.

So how do you do it?

Before we tell you some steps, we must warn you that modifying Nerf guns is illegal. If you do so, you will void the warranty of the blaster.

Now, having established that here are few simple ways using which you can modify:

  1. Getting rid of the Air Restrictors – Air restrictors are present in all Nerf guns. They are basically used to reduce the power of the darts fired. Now, they also do one other thing apart from reducing power, and that is limiting the dart range. So in order to increase the dart range, the first thing you can do is getting rid of these resistors. This will increase the dart range by at least 5 feet. We have tried this on different guns of different sizes. The increase in dart range varies. In few elite rifles, it may increase up to 10 feet. However there is a small If you do get rid of the resistor, your gun mechanism might get faulty. This might lead to breakdown of your blaster. So observe caution while removing these air resistors.
  2. Changing the spring – There are two ways you can do this. First you can stretch the spring. This increases the force with which a dart is launched. Second method is replacing the spring altogether. This is slightly tricky as you need to choose the exact spring. But with a more powerful spring in place you can be rest assured that the dart range will increase.
  3. A new Barrel – This is the most trusted way to modify your blaster and it also gives the best results. Most stock barrels are too big for their darts, which leads to a lot of air escaping through the empty spaces. You can get a new barrel which is of appropriate size. This will help in increasing the pressure and thus increasing the dart range. Most good mods of the barrel, result in increase of dart range by 10 to 15 feet. You can modify it further by changing the darts.

These are the top ways through which you can modify your blaster. To understand how you can do all this, we recommend you to watch this video.

So increase the efficiency and dart range. Do leave some comments if you have any doubts regarding the process.

If you have any doubts feel free to comment below.


Something my dad loves and asked me to post

I recently told my dad, that I started a blog on toys. He really got excited and told everyone in the family. I am not going to lie, I was a bit embarrassed. Anyway, my dad is not what you call “technical” and even in this age he lives his life without technology.

One thing about my dad, he loves barbequing. We have around dozen books about barbequing and smokers.

Anyway, he recently bought a smoker and fell in love with it. He has some reputation in this world, and he says he has been asked this many times that which is the best electric smoker. He told me everything about it and asked me to post, so here it is:

Cooking and flavouring all types of meat over smoke has called for yet another invention from the modern society, called the electric smokers.

These electric smokers are concentrated around the sole purpose of reducing the amount of harm caused by smoking meat on the traditional types of heat sources. In the image below, you can clearly see the harmful substances that are given out by the traditional methods of smoking meat unlike the electric smokers.

Whether it is a traditional barbecue being cooked at around 230 degrees F or a cold smoking technique for fish or cheese at about 55 degrees F, the electric smokers are more than capable of handling it all.

Now, let’s get down on the topic of discussion here-

Best electric smoker review


The Best Electric Smoker Guide

As we all know, the market is flooded with products which promise to be the best amongst their competitors, in such cases we at IVHP have taken the initiative to test out the best products of renowned companies and lay down a top 3 list for you.

Reviews of the top 3 best electric smokers

  1. Masterbuilt electric smoker

With 4 chrome coated racks in the inside equipped with digital controls for both temperature and timer, the masterbuilt electric smoker tops our list. This electric smoker has 2 versions- a 30 inch one and one with a 40 inch size.

The company has fixed the thermostat to cover anything upto 280 degree F which is an update to the last version. In matters of appearance, the master built electric smoker is made of steel and comes only in black colour.

The price seems to vary from version to version and ranges from $150 to $250, which is a decent price for an electric smoker. And that is why this electric smoker is a current bestseller in the department at Amazon.

  1. Bradley Smokers Original Smoker BS611

This is an older version of the electric smoker from Bradley smokers and has a stainless steel interior with 4 removable racks. This version has been selling more inspite of the newer versions available in the market.

It is because, this electric smoker can also be used as a slow roasting oven or cooker and costs only $250, this smoker had to make the #2 spot in our best electric smoker review.

The Original smoker can smoke upto 8 hours consistently and has flavoured pucks/bisquettes also available in the market which makes the meat even better. It even has separate burners for smoke and oven which is yet another unique feature from the company.

  1. Bradley Smokers 4-Rack and 6-Rack Version

The newer version of the above mentioned Bradley smoker is the Bradley smoker 4-Rack and 6-Rack version, also known as BTDS76P and BTDS108P respectively. These are fully digital from interface to temperature, smoke and even time.

This one’s goes the highest score in the three in matters of heating as it can easily go upto 320 degrees F. For detailed reviews on the same, we always refer to best electric smoker for the money which is a great source of content and information regarding the Bradley smokers. The racks are yet again removable which make it a perfect fit for those who like to do a bit of cleaning around in the house and do not want it to be dirty as well. The price for this one may go up to 260 USD to 460 USD depending upon the no. of racks.

The size too is perfect for countertop smoker. In matters of appearance, the polished stainless steel gives it a bit of edge over all the above mentioned smokers whilst the price is the only matter which brings this Bradley smoker down to #3 in our best electric smoker review.

I hope this post can give you a better idea about smokers and now you can make a choice.

Next post I will be back with my usual toy stuff!



Nerf Machine Gun Review

Today, I am going to share about one of the Nerf Gun which I really love, the Nerf Machine Gun. It’s one of the most expensive Nerf Gun in the market but you will love everything about it, here is my review for the same.

When the word “Machine Gun” strikes our mind, our imagination is corresponding to something like :-

  1. Deadly and horrifying gun.
  2. A metal strap lying against the metal body.
  3. Rapid-firing death weapon.

But of course you cannot get a real machine gun to shoot at people but even if you get it who are you going to shoot it at…… targets? Nerf products are the most accommodating guns in these situations. The description of this gun exactly fits the Nerf Machine Gun I have reviewed.

best nerf machine gun

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster is exactly the gun you want perceive if you want to buy this kind of gun. When you need a gun shoot rapidly and just as swift as an arrow you so need the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster which makes your enemies scare away. You may pride walk when you the vulcan machine gun and maintain attitude while in play you can defend attacks for snipers as the gun is very big to cover you up from the front.

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan works with a battery mechanism so that the power of the gun does not fail or go dead in serious combat because desperate times call for desperate measures. This gun is enough to handle 3 to four of your friend against just 1 you. This gun is the perfectionist blaster for it shoots 3 foam streamlined darts per second and it is amazing to feel the gun which you are in charge of.

It is very fun for teenager stop play with. It is a boss gun which is but obvious good looking too with metal body and darts strap belt to look even cool. This gun makes noise which makes your enemy fright and surrender as soon as possible. In my opinion this is the best gun in the world for show off and it is very rare that the vulcan runs out ammo in one battle.

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster has been reviewed by about 400 customers. It requires 6D batteries for the extremely swift rapid fire.


  1. The Machine Gun actually creates a Nerf arsenal with just eventual battery- mechanised warfare.
  2. The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster fires 3 foam darts per second.
  3. The Machine Gun has a tripod to make your gun position for unconditional for combat warfare.
  4. The Machine Gun holds 25 darts strap-belt and a mod of a dart drum with the capacity of 25 darts too.
  5. The piston mechanised barrage firepower to make your enemy surrender.
  6. The Vulcan is very bulky and you can swap the detachable stock.
  7. The shoulder dart belt makes you like Rambo.


  1. The range of the Vulcan is barely 20 to 30 feet.
  1. The gun is very heavy even for adults sometimes and has a tendency to fall off even when jostled.
  1. The gun will jam if you load the darts improperly.

Now that we have been through the pros and cons of nerf machine guns, how about we quickly see what effect it shall have compared to other nerf guns out there. For starters, it is a nerf machine gun so it is basically made to fire more rounds of bullets than any other nerf gun out there. Having said that the primary guns are actually more accurate than the vulcan but the no. of bullets can hardly be compared upon.

I hope you like my review for this, do share your views.


The Product which revolutionized the toy Industry

Toys are an integral part of every childhood. If you are reading this you most probably had a childhood which was filled with toys. Back in the day, when I was a kid they were not many toys around. In 1992, the year I turned 5, Nerf launched a product which like I said in my title revolutionised the toy industry, and they were the Nerf Blasters

So what in the hell are Nerf Blasters?

If you used to play with toys or if you are parenting a kid right now, you must know what Nerf Blasters are, but for those ignorant people who have no love for children (Just Kidding), I will tell you what they are.

They are toys guns generally made up of plastic and fire foam darts. So if you wondered how it feels to hold and fire with guns, you can try these blasters. You must be wondering I am exaggerating a bit, but that can tell you the love I have for them. In my neighbourhood, I was a lonely kid with no friends, probably because I was too shy. Anyway I am not here to bore you with my depressing childhood. So my parents brought this amazing toy, which looked a pistol, and I felt in love with it.

Hasbro, the manufacturers of Nerf guns, have moved a long way since then. Nerf blasters now resemble all kinds of guns. From pistols to machine guns to rifles. So what do these plastic guns shoot? Well, they have fire foam darts. Different kinds of guns use different kinds of darts. The latest darts come under the name, Nerf Elite Darts.

What you can do with Nerf Blasters?

The question know is what you can do with Nerf Blasters. There is so much do to with Nerf blasters. First of all can combat with these with your friends. You can make use of Nerf Accessories, and then ‘battle’. Many places now have full-fledged Nerf battles.

Next, nowadays, companies put a lot of focus on the dart range. That basically means how far the darts will go once you fire them. Most recent blaster can fire the darts up to 80 feet. You can take the “How far the dart will go Challenge” with your friends.

[Add Image]

Nerf Blaster are truly amazing and they are so many of them. Sometimes it might be difficult to decide which the best Nerf gun is. We have some recommendations for you. You also need to figure out what kind of Nerf gun you want. For starters I would recommend you to use pistol inspired guns. They are quick to use, have stylish designs, and are not that heavy. Gradually you can move to the bigger guns. There are also different series, like the Nerf N-Strike and the Nerf Zombie Strike. Guns in such series have few common features. If your kids are into movies, you can also buy the movie inspired blasters like the G.I. Joe Nerf blasters.

If you haven’t tried this, you must, the blasters will bring in a lot of fun for your kids.

In next post I share how to modify Nerf Guns.




This friends Ian here,

So I have started this Blog to share my knowledge about various toys and also few of the things which I like to do. I thrive a lot on audience participation so please do comment and share my posts. I work a lot on research and it feels good if people talk about it.

If you want to know something, or if you want something I should write about, feel free to contact me.

So let’s do this!